About Me

Meet Dani!

Just your everyday”Crafty Gal”! Growing up with a single mom who used her creativity and skills to DIY almost everything. Back then “DIY” wasn’t really a term. It was just something you did when you couldn’t afford to outsource or buy it. That mindset carried over into Dani’s adult life as a foundational way of thinking. Starting out at a very young age with sewing & crochet, then moving on to furniture refinishing, and art. Then, total custom furniture builds and a large array of crafty projects. Dani has pretty much done it all and is regularly taking on new adventures.

Dani has been running a handmade business full time for almost a decade. Dreams of sharing her projects and inspiration with the world first came to light at the start of 2020. Then you know… The world fell apart. And while most people found themselves with loads of free time to spare, Dani’s handmade business dominated her time and energy, so priorities shifted. Then in 2021, she became a Mama. Now that life is starting to feel a little more normal, it’s time to get back to it.

Here Dani shares all her latest crafty and DIY ventures. But this blog is called “Crafty Gal Confessions” for a reason. DIY isn’t always pretty, every post will feature a “Confessions” section. Because let’s be real, not every project is what it seems on Instragam! Here she spills the beans on any mishaps, cautionary tales, or suggestions for making your project even better.

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