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Just your everyday “crafty gal”. Giving you an up-close look at all my creative adventures.

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Hi, I’m Dani! 

AKA, Danielle. I’ve been a creative for as long as I can remember. For nearly a decade, I’ve been running a handmade business full time. I first created this blog at the beginning of 2020. When COVID took the world by storm, my priorities and focus quickly shifted. But I’m back and ready to share my love of DIY and crafting. Creativity is a form of therapy for me and I’m excited to use my platform to inspire and teach. 

I’m a Mama, a wife, a homeowner, and a creative business owner. So my list of projects and ideas is infinite. I’m all about the good and the bad. No creative journey is perfect and that’s why I spill all the beans. Follow along as I share all my success and my fails.